Prostitute Disfigurement

Prostitute Disfigurement is a Brutal Death Metal band from Netherlands and was formed in 2000 under the name “Disfigure”. In 2001 they released a demo album, Disfigure. After a few months they released a real album, Embalmed Madness, and changed their name to Prostitute Disfigurement.
They had a great success, which encouraged them to release a second album, entitled Deeds of Derangement and already performed at some very well known Metal festivals, like: Obscene Extreme, the Morbid festival and the Rotterdam Deathfest.

In 2005 Prostitute disfigurement released another album named Left in Grisly Fashion. In 2008 they released their last album – Descendants of Depravity. Shortly after releasing this last album they split-up.

But the Prostitute disfigurement fans can be happy now because the band is reuniting and they already planned a Western European Tour, starting on the 26 June 2010 when they will perform at the SUBLIME TORTURE FEST 3, in Castelo Braco, Portugal.

Prostitute disfigurement is a great band and I hope that they will release a new album soon, i mean after they finish their tour.