Death Metal Blog

This is my first post on this blog. I want it to be special, so it took me a while to compose it. This post is going to explain why this blog was created and what are it’s goals.

This blog was created due to my passion for Death and Black metal. Yes, I will talk Black Metal too. What am I going to write? Well, Death and Black Metal news, songs and bands. I will never speak about an album and the reason is simple: I never did like all the songs from an album, with one exception offcourse: “In the Arms of Devastation” from Kataklysm. Yes, i liked every last note and verse of this album.

There is another thing that I want to achieve using this blog: I wanna create a big Death and Black Metal community. There is a great amount of Death and Black Metal bands and songs and a small group of people can’t be aware of them all. So, i invite anyone to write about his/her preferred song, band or album. Very soon I will create the “Send you article” page and we can create, hopefully, the best Death and Black Metal community.

By the way, I am a big fan of Swedish Melodic Death Metal.