Amon Amarth – The Viking Obsession

As I was saying in my first post, i am a big fan of Sweedish Melodic Death Metal and it is time for my first review of a Sweedish Melodic Death Metal Band.

This band is one of my favorite bands in the world and is Amon Amarth. These guys are amazing. All their songs are viking related but they don’t talk about vikings as they want, they are singing about vikings based on the Nors mythology, which is amazing (I have studied pretty much all their songs and also documented on the Nors mythology).

I’ve always been a fan of the Apocalypse, so the first song i want to talk about is Twilight of the Thunder God. In the Norse mythology the apocalypse is called Ragnarök. From the Twilight of the Thunder God lyrics we can find out more about the apocalypse from the viking point of view. Amon Amarth presents the Ragnarök exactly like in the Norse mythology but the melodic line makes this song the best representation of the Apocalyspe. From this song we can learn some other things, important things: Thor is the main character, he is the son of Odin and Hlódyn and he is the protector of mankind. In Ragnarök (the final battle) Thor has to fight Jormungandr, a “twinfold serpent” that “rises from the waves”. Thor’s destiny is to fight and kill Jormungandr but he has to die as well in the process. He must obey his destiny because there is no other enemy that can give him that “beautiful death” that all vikings yearn after(to die on the battlefield with the axe in his hands, the hammer in Thor’s case).  This is my favorite song and i had to develop on this subject.

From each and every Amon Amarth’s song we can find out something about the viking history and believes.  They were brave – Cry of the black birds lyrics -, they plunder – Gods of war arise Lyrics – and they were guided by the Supreme god of war – With Odin on our side lyrics.

This is my first review so I really want to know what are your impressions, what to change and what to add.

Rock On.